She’s a Witch! is a physical theatre piece conjuring the quieted voices of witches from the ashes, reawakening a spirit of defiance and reflection. The act of witch-hunting and demonization is a time-tested practice to diminish women and their feelings, opinions, and sense-of-self. This movement-heavy performance piece explores what is to exist in a society that automatically wants to put you down, while discovering how to still thrive -- with the help of some spell-casting. Through ensemble work and story building, we strive for the re-empowerment of women and witches, freeing them from the possession of persecution they have faced for centuries. The piece will cast a spell over your mind, confronting and boiling over the demons that hold women back.

Created by Those Guilty Creatures (Ryan Dobrin & Carina Goebelbecker) and Ensemble

Director: Ryan Dobrin
Choreographer: Carina Goebelbecker
Stage Manager: Zoë Kaplan
Set, Costume, & Props Design: Tekla Monson
Light Design: Zack Lobel
Sound Design: Gabriel Drozdov
Marketing Consultant: Kimberly Sears

Ensemble: Carina Goebelbecker, Sim Yan Ying, Chloé Lexia Worthington

June 2019, The Tank

Photos Courtesy of Jejomar Erln Ysit